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Trying to catch trail friends...

Brad left St Arnaud in the early afternoon, two days ago. Ludo and Flore were in Murchison yesterday. Approximately a 50 mile gap remains between them. Murchison is on a yellow trail headed west to a coastal trail, rather than the primary "red" trail on Google Maps, which heads down the middle of the island. So many options I sometimes get completely lost trying to follow Brad's route. Since he's trying to catch Ludo and Flore I'm assuming they've plotted the course, and he'll be headed to Murchison too. Or, perhaps they took a detour and will be headed back to the "Red" trail. Whatever, I hope Brad can catch them in the next few days, even though I seem to have lost the orange marker.

"Community on a stick!"

Along the way, many days ago, at the top of Mt. Rintoul (1731 m), the highest point on the Richmond Alpine Track, a note was waiting for Brad from Ludo, Flore, Phillipe and Madeleine, with the message "dbBrad was NOT here". Brad loved the unlikeliness of seeing his name, on a stick, left by friends, on the top of such a remote mountain, and named it "Community on a stick!".

This group of trampers, although frequently not actually together, are tramping together in a beautiful heart-felt way.

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