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Wanaka to Manpouri

Yesterday Wanaka, today Glendhu Bay Track, which is entirely walking the edges of Lake Wanaka, a four hour tramp. Then, there's a road connection to Glendhu Bay, another 45 minutes, which puts him onto the Motatapu Alpine Track (3 to 4 days). According to my calculations he will tramp a half day on this track before stopping for the night.

Glendhu Bay

According to the Te Araroa Trail information, the Motatapu Alpine Track is physically challenging terrain only suitable for experienced trampers. I think at this point, Brad qualifies for being an experienced tramper. Nevertheless, I will be happy to hear from him, which will probably be in Arrowtown, at the end of yet another track, called Big Hill Track (4 to 5 hours).


In 9 days he has reservations for a side trip to Doubtful Sound, and it's tight making the connections, so he's traveling fast. The Doubtful Sound trip will include a 24 hour cruise, two bus rides and two small ferry rides, plus dinner, breakfast and bed.

But, before Doubtful Sound, he needs to get from Wanaka to Manapouri.

From Arrowtown to Queenstown is another 5 to 6 hours of tramping on the Wakatipu Track. From Queenstown to Manpouri, another 100+ miles. I'm guessing he will touch down only lightly in Arrowtown or Queenstown given his tight schedule. I'm also guessing he's going to do a little hitching along the way. Perhaps the Te Araroa Trail time calculations are high for Brad, but, nevertheless, he's on a tight schedule.
Doubtful Sound, almost too beautiful for words.

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