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"Show Time"

Whenever it's "weathering" here I wonder about the weather Brad is experiencing in New Zealand. The last batch of pictures from St Arnaud to Arthur's Pass, posted early this morning, showed a nice amount of sun, with snow in the mountains.

Here, in the Pacific NW, according to Cliff Mass it's "show time" with the Pacific Coast having sustained 50+ mph winds and 25 foot waves. Inland, not so severe, but I can assure you the wind is howling and the rain is horizontal, with temperatures in the high 30's. Yesterday's projections were downscaled a bit, but there's no way one could say it is not storming outside.

I'll be surprised if we keep our electricity throughout the day.

Windstorm on Whidbey - View from Langley to Sandy Point
Whidbey Island
Photo Sue Frause

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