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Raining Cats and Dogs at Lake Ohau!

Yesterday Brad got involved in a good conversation with the owner of Lake Ohau Lodge and ended up hanging out all day talking sustainability. Of course, having it rain cats and dogs outside played a role too.

After breakfast, the conversation turned to the design of the lodge owner's home and then hydro power, and then tourism, and then dairy farms, and then water pollution, and then the economy, and then the politics of all of these topics. Brad was continually fed documents and manuals to read and discuss so the conversation continued to grow and expand and to fill Brad's entire day. And it rained. A Dear Mr. Green Guy article was even written. The lodge owner was engaging and engaged, rewarding Brad for the good discussion with a free room and a day's worth of excellent home-cooked food.

Brad examining the lodge's hydro power plant

One more happy New Zealand encounter with wonderful people and generous hospitality!

The miracle is this – the more we share, the more we have.
- Leonard Nimoy, American actor, director and writer

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