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NZ South Island's fall cold - USA Whidbey Island's spring cold

I just read Ludo and Flore's newest bog posting and they spoke of a lot of cold and even some snow, along with freezing feet and icy cold huts. Brad's still a few days behind them so I worry that his slim supplies will not offer enough warmth for the quickly approaching winter in New Zealand, especially up in the mountains where he's tramping right now.

But look what we woke up to on this March 6 spring day here at home. Whidbey Island sporting Rhododendron blossoms and budded cherry trees is covered with snow this morning. The unpredictable NW weather hits once again.

Snow covered cherry blossoms
photo by Marie Lincoln

My wheelbarrow left outside last night, with no idea snow was coming, ready for another day of mulch moving.

Sir Benton Cowboy delighted with the white stuff, bowing with a play invitation

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