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Did you know?

  • New Zealand's $5 bill has the face of New Zealander Sir Edmund Hillary on it -- the first man to reach the peak of Mt. Everest.
  • New Zealand's media is one of the most liberal in the world.
  • There are 9 sheep to every human in New Zealand (it was once 20 to 1).
  • In 1893 it became legal for all male and female citizens of NZ to vote, making it the first major nation to have universal suffrage.
  • In 1642 Dutch sailor Abel Tasman became the first European to discover NZ.
  • No part of NZ is more than 128 km from the sea.
  • NZ has more Scottish pipe bands per head of population than Scotland.
  • For every 7,500 people, NZ has a bookshop, giving it more bookshops per head of population than any other country.
  • NZ has two anthems: God Save the Queen and God Defend New Zealand.
  • Religions: None 40%, Anglican 17%, Roman Catholic 14%, Presbyterian 11%.
  • NZ's landscape consists of vast mountain chains, steaming volcanoes, extensive coastlines, deep fiords and lush rainforests, making it spectacularly varied and beautiful.
  • NZ is a safe country with no shots for entering the country required or recommended by the World Health Organization.
  • NZ is the first country to greet the dawn of each new day.
  • Tipping is not expected in NZ and employed people don't depend of tips for their incomes.
  • Ethnicity in NZ is: European, 80%; Maori, 14%, Asian, 7% and Pacific Islander, 6%.
  • Lord of the Rings was filmed entirely in New Zealand.
  • The velcro-strip was invented by a New Zealander.
  • Languages: English, Maori, NZ Sign Language.
  • New Zealand's Head of State is Queen Elizabeth.

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