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All along the Te Araroa Trail, Brad has been talking about sandflies. According to one reference, sandflies are one of the only pests in NZ -- no snakes, leaches, or dangerous spiders. Also, sandflies come complete with weaknesses, like they go away at night, they are slow and they don't bother a moving person. So, as long as you never stop, or hike only at night, no problem. However the bites can be annoying and they itch. Definitely a bothersome pest. Nevertheless, when I think of the mosquito buzzing in the bedroom at night, I'm thinking the fact that sandflies go away at night is quite an advantage over our pesky mosquitoes here in the NW. The endless buzzing of mosquitoes at night, right in one's ear, certainly is annoying and a real sleep interrupter.

Sandflies really aren't this big. This one is a model above a cafe. I'm wondering if this is good advertising, hum...

,Giant sandfly

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