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Brad is, right now, according to my calculations, tramping the South Canterbury Section of the Te Araroa Trail and is on the Two Thumbs Track, a two to three day high country trail with a challenging traverse through the Te Kahui Kaupeka Conservation Park.

Te Kahui Kaupeka Conservation Park

Following the Two Thumbs Track is the Tekapo-Twizel Track, a 3 to 4 hour tramp. When he left Methven, he expected to be at Lake Tekapo in about eight days -- that's tomorrow. Twizel is just south of Lake Tekapo and I'm assuming he will find a computer in one of these two areas along with a huge dinner with lots of meat.

Lake Tekapo

From the Tekapo-Twizel Track, Brad will head west to Lake Ohau on the Lake Ohau Track, a tramp of only about 8 to 9 hours. An examination of Lake Ohau amenities exposes yet another spectacular place in New Zealand, and because its off the main road, visitors often miss the lake entirely, giving the lake a more untouched and remote feel than many others.

Lake Ohau

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